Tip Tuesday: Haunted Home for Sale!

Ok, so here’s the thing….we love Haunted Houses. Setting out in the crisp Fall night air, arm-in-arm ready to be scared is a great thrill and we’ll talk it in any form…house, hayride, trolley ride….you name it we’re there. But, can a real haunted home sell?

For many people the idea of a home actually being haunted is a fantasy and for others it’s a legitimate concern. The National Association of Realtors, reports that over 28% of Realtors have had to once sell a home for a client who was convinced that their home was haunted.


What do you do?

Now, we’re not ghost whispers so we’re not experts but every home has creeks and groans, especially older homes. However, if you have doors periodically slamming and items flying off of shelves, maybe that’s something you keep to yourself…..or do you disclose it? We go to the law. Sellers only need to disclose information regarding any deaths or violent crimes in the home if buyers ask for it. As a buyer, if you’d like to check on your own regarding if anyone has died in the home you can visit this website (there is a fee associated) but it can help you verify crimes/deaths in the home. (Please note that we have not utilized this website yet so our experience with how great it is is limited).

You can also try a different marketing tactic. Some people may love the idea of a home that’s protected by its previous owners. A home that has history that’s still leaving its mark! On the other hand, maybe you try to ask the spirits to leave with advice and tactics from expert Mediums!

In all seriousness, we recommend having an honest, long conversation with your Realtor regarding this and coming up with an effective game plan.

You can contact us for all of your Haunted House marketing needs and remember to have a safe and happy Halloween!

Tip Tuesday: Real Estate In the Fall

Yes the rumors are true….Spring is prime real estate season but we love Fall real estate.  In our opinion, its a great time for real estate!  And the facts prove it.  For the first time in history, in 2016, October surpassed June in home sales.  

fall image
Photo Credit: realtor.com

Here are our top 3 reasons to sell & buy in the Fall:


  1. People are serious: Usually, people are trying to beat the winter and get settled in before the snow melts.  They want to be “home for the holidays” in their new home!  You’re most likely not getting buyers that are “poking around” or just casually browsing.  They want to move immediately so they’re not wasting anyone’s time.
  2. You’re the center of attention:  There’s less competition, fewer houses on the market and less open houses.  Your home will stand out more and get seen by more buyers.
  3. Your Home Is Cozier:  Let’s face it there’s nothing quite like New England in the Fall.  Mums outside on the porch.  Cinnamon smelling treats inside.  Fireplace lighted.  When your buyers feel an emotional attachment to the home, they’re more likely to make an offer.  Play up the season and decorate the outside of your home to have Autumn curb appeal and create a cozier atmosphere inside (maybe new, warmer paint colors…touches of yellow, orange and red in the decor of your home).  Pay attention to the details that make your home stand out from just another house to someone’s new home.



  1. People are serious:  Sellers who have homes on the market in the Fall usually need to sell.  They either have a job relocation, had a home built over the summer and now its ready or (same as buyers) want to move before that winter weather rolls in. There are also less buyers out on the market so it tends to be a season known for good, fair negotiations.
  2. You can take advantage of tax breaks: The property tax and mortgage interest deductions that you can take from buying a new home can make a serious difference in the amount that you owe to the government even if you closed in December.
  3. Mortgage Rates Expected to Rise: Mortgage rates are expected to increase over the next 12 months according to Freddie Mac, The Mortgage Bankers Association, Fannie Mae, and the National Association of Realtors.  This means that a year from now your monthly mortgage expense will increase if you don’t lock in the current rates.


As you can see, just because Labor Day has passed doesn’t mean your opportunity for Real Estate has.  Looking to see what your home could be worth or want to browse for homes in your area?  Check out our website and then contact us!  We want to prove to you why you should love Fall real estate as much as we do!

Tip Tuesday: Make Sure You Home Smells to Sell!

lemonYou’re selling your home and you have a showing today! Great!  Getting people in the door is half the battle so you’re on the right track.

Now is your home ready?

  • floors are cleaned…check!
  • beds are made…..check!
  • no laundry lying around….check!
  • drapes/curtains are open to let in lots of light…..check!
  • front walkway/landscaping looks beautiful to add curb appeal…..check!

It sounds like you’re home is ready to impress, but wait….how does it smell?  

  • Did you pop some popcorn earlier?  
  • Can you smell the garlic from last night’s dinner?  
  • Does the trash need to go out?  
  • Is there a dirty diaper lying around?

You may think you’d notice these things right away and if you don’t smell it then you’r fine, but not always the truth.  Someone walking into the home may smell something immediately that your nose has become neutral to.  So is your home smelling to sell?

To sell your home you want light, clean and neutralizing smells. There are lots of things you can do to neutralize smells.  For example, place all old shoes in a plastic covered bin or remove all pet cages/toys/bedding for a showing.  But, you always want to add light smells that seem inviting.  Research suggest that smells affect buying behavior.  Simple smells like lemon, orange and cinnamon encourage warmth and revisits, making the buyer comfortable and wanting to be in your home again and again.  Find out more about the research behind smells and buying behavior and what you can do to make your home smell to sell!

sip & shopAlso, be sure to visit our Sip & Shop event on August 20th from 12pm-2pm at 17 Franklin Ave, Plainville where a doTerra consultant will be present.  Buy a diffuser and some light, clean oils to help add the smell of buying to your home!

Hump Day Love: Main Street Creamery

creameryThis week’s Hump Day Love goes to the place where everyone knows your name.  It’s where family and tradition matter.  It’s where dogs are welcome.  It’s where your tastebuds will delight.  It’s Main Street Creamery in Old Wethersfield, CT.

When you walk into Main Street Creamery you’re immediately aware of how much their customers matter.  Pictures of families and children enjoying the Shop’s ice cream line its walls and ceiling.  You’ll feel a part of something more than just a local ice cream shop.  The warm, family friendly atmosphere will impress you, but the ice cream will keep you returning.  Whatever your fancy…soft serve or hard ice cream, cotton candy or classic vanilla, smooth coffee or cookie filled……they have it all.  That includes lactose free and vegan options.  It’s all delicious!  Plus, as dog owners we appreciate their dog friendly atmosphere and dog ice creams.

Recently, under new ownership, this local Ice Cream Shop hopes to continue its long

Our youngest enjoying his ice cream!

tradition of serving neighborhood families delicious ice cream as well form new partnerships with local vendors and schools.  In addition to ice cream, the shop offers special functions such as birthday parties.

Be sure that next time you’re in the Old Wethersfield neighborhood to take a stop by Main Street Creamery and satisfy your taste buds!

Looking to purchase a home in Wethersfield?  Find homes here!

Tip Tuesday: Smart Home Technology

smart home
Photo Credit: Geek on Gadgets

Have you heard the term Smart Home?  Are you sure what it means and do you know if your home is a Smart Home?  For years, Coldwell Banker has been tracking the smart home technology to determine how it makes your home function better and how it increases your home’s value.  The fact is that buyers are looking for Smart Homes and have smart home technology may be the thing that makes your home stand out amongst the rest.  Find out more about what being a Smart Home means here.  Then, search for smart homes on here or find out what your smart home’s value is.

Tip Tuesday: Why Mortgage Rates Matter to Both Buyers and Sellers

Is it a good time to buy?  When should I list my home?  We hear both of these questions a lot.  Both questions are valid and both questions have multiple factors to consider. But, one common factor is what the mortgage interest rates are.

You could be a happy new homeowner!

As a Buyer, you want to make sure that you’re buying at a time that the interest rates are low and thus, making your purchase a good financial investment.  Right now, interest rates are low.  But, will they stay low?  You’ll want to find a mortgage broker that helps get you pre-approved and be sure to ask them about how to lock-in your interest rate. But maybe you can’t get pre-approved and you need to fix some items on your credit.  So 6 months from now, will the rates still be low?  There are many things that affect interest rates and First World Mortgage of Southington has a great weekly Real Estate Market Overview that gives you a weekly mortgage rate summary.  Call a mortgage broker today before you see today’s impressive rates vanish!

As a Seller, mortgage rates will absolutely affect your ability to sell and when.  If

Your home could have a sold sign!

rates are high, there will be less buyers out meaning that a high inventory and low buyer atmosphere may be created, leaving you struggling to sell your home because buyers have their choosing.  However, if rates are low, you’ll see yourself in a situation where there are a lot of buyers and not enough inventory (which is what we’re currently dealing with).  Therefore, a home priced appropriately for the market should sell within a great timeframe.  According to the CT Association of Realtors, homes are currently selling at a 1.8% increase from this same time last year and there has been a 6.4% increase in the amount of homes sold compared to last year.  In addition condos and townhouses, are seeing an 8.8% increase in price and 8.9% increase in total units.  In essence, sell now!

Whether you’re a Buyer or Seller or both, the mortgage interest rates will affect your next real estate transaction so be sure to stay up-to-date on them.  Then, when you’re ready contact us to Buy and/or Sell!  Until then, find out your current budget affords you in today’s market….or find out what your home will sell for here.  

Buying is Cheaper Than Renting!

Believe it or not, right now in the USA buying is on average 33% cheaper than renting.  Why?  How?  All of the details are here.  

This could be you as a happy new homeowner in front of your new home!

So what does this mean for you?  That now is the time to transfer out of the renting game and into home ownership.  Don’t know if you qualify for a loan? Check out our lender referrals section and give one of our top lenders a call.  They’ll let you know if you qualify, what you qualify for, how much down payment you need (it’s possible you won’t need anything or even just 1%!) and if you don’t qualify, what you need to do to get to qualification.

Then, begin your home search by contacting us and/or visiting our website to see all of the homes currently for sale in CT!